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Our Concept



Strive for Better – We believe there’s always a better way. Whether it’s better plans, better options, better scheduling, or simply better service. When a company starts saying “we’re perfect”, that’s when they stop growing. There’s always a better way and we continually strive to improve upon our business practices.

For example; EWP-   One of our most valued concepts is our EWP program – Electrical Warranty and Preventative program. (Cleverly similar to EdgeWisePro). This concept was conceived by a study of existing programs with their benefits and shortcomings. Our company set forth to incorporate the pros and eliminate the cons. Hence, the EWP program


Existing Pros and Cons





  • There in case something goes wrong.
  • Stricter licensing requirements for insurance companies.


  • Only there in case something goes wrong
  • Lacks preventative measures.
  • Usually a substantial deductible.

Traditional Home Warranty Companies



  • Reasonable owner responsible service call fee.
  • Covers malfunctions of equipment.


  • Lacks preventative measures.
  • Typically there are multiple restrictions on when a project is considered a warranty call. Without proper maintenance, your item may be excluded from protection.
  • Several electrical components may be excluded from the warranty.
  • Typically home warranty companies do not offer repair services “in house”.
  • A sub contractor is usually contacted for these repairs which leads to the temptation to use the lowest priced contractor.

Calling a contractor when problems occur



  • No monthly fee.


  • Costly service call fees
  • Unplanned expenses
  • Full payment due on site.
  • Usually does not include any preventative measures.

Our program Pros and Cons


EdgeWise Electric EWP-Electrical Warranty Program



  • Preventative program includes upgrading devices and other electrical
  • Equipment. Looking for potential problems and scheduling planned visits.
  • Reasonable owner responsible service call fee.
  • Lack of maintenance is not a cause for exclusion since the electrical maintenance is already included in the plan pricing.Low service call fees.
  • Since this is a warranty plan, most unexpected repairs are either free, or at a substantially reduced price.
  • Electrical contractors undergo extensive licensing requirements.


  • Typically a monthly plan fee. (Of course, the only downside is that we can’t offer this completely for free.)

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